EngineerComputing knowledge is essential for pupils to navigate the modern world efficiently and safely. Our computing curriculum is based on the Switched On Computing scheme which we have adapted to meet the needs of our pupils. 

From the National Curriculum we identified three areas that form the programme of study for computing:

  • Coding
  • Uses of Technology
  • E-safety

Within the uses of technology strand we then defined Digital Media as a further area for pupils to experiment with creativity. Throughout the computing curriculum, pupils will use a range of common hardware, software and perirpherals. Our computing curriculum is designed to encompass a broad and balanced range of procedural knowledge such as creating a Powerpoint presentation and declarative knowledge such as how our online self image may be different from ourselves in real life.

E-Safety is of paramount importance to educate our pupils how to stay safe online, E-safety is covered through or computing curriculum, PSHE curriculum and special programmes such as Safer Internet Day.

As well as individual computing lessons such as programming or coding, Fairlawn Primary School offers opportunities to use a range of technologies in other subjects. As a STEAM school, we have popular coding clubs, BBC micro:bits and even access to our very own 3D printer.