At Fairlawn, we believe that all learners can be successful mathematicians and we promote positive attitudes through engaging, practical and meaningful experiences. 

Maths is taught following the White Rose Scheme of learning. White Rose Maths supports pupils on a ‘journey to mastery’ using Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract approaches to underpin mathematical understanding. The ‘small steps’ approach is designed to ensure that students will come back to topics time and time again, both within the study of the same area of mathematics and in other areas so that they will continue to deepen their understanding through this revisiting and interleaving.  All learners access a range of concrete manipulatives to give them a secure mathematical foundation.  They then progress onto working with pictorial representations before moving onto abstract written methods.  Pupils are empowered to challenge themselves appropriately at three stages: Practising, Mastering and Deepening.

In our teaching practise, we specifically focus on the use of high-quality mathematical vocabulary to ensure depth of understanding; from this learners are able to acquire the crucial skills of problem solving and reasoning.  This emphasis on language permeates across all curriculum areas and equips our learners with the rich vocabulary required to engage with the world around them.

Learners use their skills to share their mathematical thinking not only with adults but with their talk partners.  Through the use of talk partners our learners collaboratively develop a secure use and understanding of key mathematical language.  Leaners are expected to respond in full sentences which are clearly modelled through high quality teaching. Working walls are rich with appropriate mathematical language to support learners’ ongoing growth. 

Maths meetings take place in all years to reinforce prior learning.  Through the use of songs, chants and repetition learners are able to retain and apply knowledge independently across multiple mathematical concepts.

From Year 2, learners regularly practice times tables and with the use of ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ they can continue developing these skills at home to increase fluency and quick recall.


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